Former Team Members

Doctoral Alumni


Briana Kennedy – website

B.A., Marist College, 2009
M.A., University of Delaware, 2012
Ph.D., UNSW Australia, 2016

Briana is interested in investigating relationships between motivation, attention, and emotion and has used both behavioral and ERP techniques to tackle emotion-perception interactions. In her spare time, she enjoys music, traveling, and being outdoors. Briana is currently a postdoc with Dr. Mara Mather at the University of Southern California.


Lingling Wang

B.S., Beijing Normal University, 2004
M.E., Southeast University, 2007
Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2013

Hailing from China, Lingling is interested in exploring mechanisms underlying interactions between attention, working memory, and emotion. She uses both ERP and behavioral techniques. After defending her disseration on spatially localized patterns of emotion-induced blindness, she moved to North Carolina, where she worked as a postdoc with Drs. Greg AppelbaumSteve Mitroff, and Marty Woldorff at Duke University.

Honours/Thesis Students

Eliza Sajo (2017)

Hannah Yee (2017)

Myung Cheol (David) Jin (2016)

Alicia Heng (2016)

Christina Maxwell (2016)

Sandy Onie (2015)

Hannah Vickers (2015)

Samantha Eid (2014)

Guan Miao (2014)

Jenna Zhao (2014)

Yuli Dar (2013)

Lillian Le (2013)

Edgar Petras (2012)

Kyle Dobson (2012)

Hyun-Young Park (2009)

Lab Staff

Mandy Skoranski (lab manager, 2009-2012)

Undergraduate Researchers

Christina Bryant (2010)

Jen Buhler (2007)

Aimee Burget (2007)

Jennifer Cinicolo (2009-2011)

John Dressler (2007)

Dustin Engelhardt (2007-2009)

Rebecca Garrison (2011)

Zachary Goldstein (2010-2011)

Frank Gonzalez (2008-2009)

Lindsay Grasso (2010-2011)

Megan Haas (2011)

Nicole Hart (2008-2010)

Anne Healey (2009-2010)

Austin Katona (2010)

Amy Lorenz (2008-2009)

Alex Mead (2011)

Julie Pearlmutter (2007)

Brian Resnick (2010)

Laura Szklarski (2009-2010)

Lauren Szejner (2011)

Aimee Stahl (2007)

Nicole Tomlinson (2007-2008)

Stephanie Vicari (2011)

Christina Wolff (2009-2010)

Visiting Students

Ravini Abeywickrama, University of Melbourne (Summer Research Scholarship; 2016)

Cheng Lim, University of Nottingham – Malaysia (2014)