Great PhD Scholarship Available!

Are you interested in pursuing a PhD at the crossroads of cognitive- and clinical- psychology? Register your interest to work with our team! Calls are are now open for potential students to apply for a competitive UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship (deadline to register interest: 20th July). Successful applicants to our project “Understanding emotion-driven attentional biases … More Great PhD Scholarship Available!

G’day Perth!

Steve and PhD student Sandy made a whirlwind visit to Perth, where they developed a new collaboration with Colin MacLeod’s lab (University of Western Australia), one of the world’s leading labs on attentional bias research. While there, they also built on a recent collaboration with Drs. Lies Notebaert (UWA) and Patrick Clarke (Curtin). Steve shared … More G’day Perth!

New Paper!

Check out our new paper in the journal Cognition & Emotion! In this paper, entitled “Manipulations of distractor frequency do not mitigate emotion-induced blindness”, PhD student Jenna Zhao and Steve report that emotion-induced blindness remains undiminished even when people encounter emotional distractors with high frequency. This is consistent with our lab’s accumulating evidence that emotion-induced … More New Paper!

MAPlab in Hobart!

MAPlab made a strong showing at the annual meeting of the Australasian Society of Experimental Psychology in Hobart, Tasmania! Steve and PhD student Jenna gave talks on the impacts of experience and proactive control on emotion-induced blindness, PhD student Vera gave a talk on the impact of emotion regulation on stress, postdoc Poppy Watson gave … More MAPlab in Hobart!

New Paper!

Check out our new paper in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, entitled “Spatiotemporal competition and task-relevance shape the spatial distribution of emotional interference during rapid visual processing: Evidence from gaze-contingent eye-tracking”. In this paper, we used gaze-contingent eye-tracking and found evidence that emotion-induced blindness is spatially localized whether people are looking at the emotional distractors or … More New Paper!

G’day, Vancouver!

Together with many of our UNSW colleagues, MAPlab made a strong showing at the OPAM and Psychonomics conferences in Vancouver. PhD students Jenna Zhao, Vera Newman, and Sandy Onie presented research posters at OPAM (which in turn was co-organised by former PhD student Briana Kennedy), and lab director Steve Most gave a talk at Psychonomics … More G’day, Vancouver!

Learning and the brain

Our recent paper on exercise and memory received some lovely coverage over at Learning & The Brain. Beyond the kinds words about our paper and team, blogger Andrew Watson guides his readers through the complex, often maddeningly messy process and data confronting psychologists seeking to glean kernels of truth about the mind and brain. For … More Learning and the brain