New paper!

Can people brace themselves against emotional distraction when warned that something emotional will appear? Check out our latest paper — entitled “Proactive deprioritization of emotional distrators enhances target perception” — in the journal Emotion, where we find that people can (but only a little bit). Congrats to former PhD student Dr Briana Kennedy and current … More New paper!

New paper!

Can 5 minutes of exercise help you remember better? Check out our latest paper, which suggests that it can. Women who did 5 minutes of step aerobics after learning later did better on a memory test. Find our paper in the online journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.

Welcome, Dan Simons!

We’re thrilled to welcome Professor Dan Simons to UNSW, where he’ll be spending a month with our lab, courtesy of a Faculty of Science Visiting Research Fellowship! Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts on attention and perception, widely known for his compelling research on inattentional blindness and change blindness, his advocacy of best … More Welcome, Dan Simons!

Jenna Toronto-bound!

Congratulations to Jenna, who has received a School of Psychology Exchange Program scholarship! Jenna will be working at the University of Toronto for three months, helping build a neuroimaging collaboration between Wil Cunningham’s lab and ours.

New Paper!

Check out our new paper in Visual Cognition, co-authored with former MAPlab Ph.D. student Lingling Wang! Entitled “The cost of seeing the meaning: Conceptual processing of distractors triggers localized target suppression”, we report evidence that processing of conceptual meaning can influence perception itself.